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FSVP Agent required for Amazon exporters

Using Amazon as a platform for business has become an invaluable opportunity for small businesses and entrepreneurs. It allows for easy listing of products and the ability to sell to consumers worldwide, offering greater trading potential compared to other distribution channels. Particularly in the case of food products, since Amazon trades with food from around the world, it provides the opportunity to taste a wide variety of processed foods.

However, selling food through Amazon is not easy, especially in the United States or Canada due to the implementation of new food regulations. Under the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) in the United States, exporters (manufacturers) exporting to the US must conduct hazard analysis and implement appropriate controls for food. US importers are also required to verify the exporter's hazard control (Foreign Supplier Verification Program, FSVP). However, when exporting food to the US through Amazon, it is necessary to provide the DUNS number (unique identification number for importers at the import stage) during customs clearance and designate an agent to enforce FSVP in the US. However, many are unaware of these requirements, and without an FSVP agent, importation may be rejected.

To sell on Amazon, it is necessary to designate an FSVP agent in the US (select a consulting firm that provides such services) and prepare the relevant documents (such as completing the Food Protection Expert Course and PCQI). Additionally, it is essential to establish and implement a food safety plan as required by FSMA.

J&B Food Consulting provides FSVP agent services and offers services for the development of food safety plans.

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