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FSVP Onsite Audit - J&B will do it for you wherever your supplier is located

Sometimes, it's easier to have an onsite-audit instead of testing samples if you import lots of products from the same supplier as a FSVP verification. J&B can go overseas and conduct an onsite-audit on behalf of you. The onsite audit must be done by the qualified auditor.

Onsite audit need the following components:

> Include audit procedures, audit dates, conclusions, corrective actions, performed by

qualified auditor

o If the food is subject to one or more FDA food safety regulations, must consider

applicable FDA food safety regulations or, when applicable, may consider

relevant laws and regulations of country whose food safety system FDA has

officially recognized as comparable or determined to be equivalent to that of the

United States

o Must include review of supplier’s written food safety plan, if any, and its

implementation, for the hazard being controlled

> Conducted before importing the food and periodically thereafter

> Must be performed by entity other than foreign supplier

> Results of inspection can be substituted for onsite audit (inspection within 1 year of

date audit would have been conducted)

Contact for the onsite-audit service at or 714-873-5566

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