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J&B providing Costco FSVP documents prep service

If you want to supply food to Costco, we can help you preparing Costco’s FSVP documentation.

Costco Wholesale Food Safety requires the documentation specified below from Foreign Supplier facilities when Costco Wholesale is the Importer of Record, according to the definition as provided by the US Food and Drug Administration’s Foreign Supplier Verification Program (Note: this definition is not the same as the US Customs’ Importer of Record). ALL DOCUMENTATION MUST BE PRESENTED IN ENGLISH.

There are many documents in the requirement. We can save your time and energy.


A. Standard FSVP Documentation

• This includes all countries except Canada, Australia or New Zealand (see Part B below for modified FSVP documentation requirements).

• All suppliers manufacturing in countries other than Canada, Australia and New Zealand must submit the documentation outlined in the Standard FSVP Documentation.

1. GMP Food Safety Audit or GFSI Food Safety Certification

o Copy of Complete Current GMP Food Safety Audit or GFSI Food Safety Certification (Costco currently accepts SQF, BRC, FSSC22000, and IFS Certifications with the Costco Addendum)

o Copy of corrective actions if GMP Food Safety Audit

2. Item Information or Product Specification that includes:

o List of Ingredients

o Country of Origin of Ingredients

o Item Label – copy of the full label (front and back) for any product sold in Costco

o Item Packaging Specifications

o Shelf life of item

o Storage Conditions for Item

o Microbiological Specification

o Chemical Specification

3. Flowchart of Process

Receiving and Storage (raw materials/packaging) Processing Packaging Storage/Warehousing Distribution/Transportation (temperature of distribution included)

4. Hazard Analysis (for each item imported)

o List of HACCP or FSMA Food Safety Plan Team Members and qualifications

o PCQI Certificate of Facility Representative - FSPCA certificate only*

*Must be an official FSPCA PCQI certificate for each Preventive Controls Qualified Individual overseeing the Supplier’s Preventive Control Program. Costco Wholesale does not accept any substitutions for the official FSPCA PCQI certificate through job experience or other equivalent training.

o Copy of Pre-requisite Program(s)

➢ Specifically need to address the following in Pre-requisite program or as a Preventive Control (PC) in the HACCP or FSMA Preventive Controls Food Safety Plan and so on.

There are more documents other that listed above. For more information and help, please contact at or 714-873-5566

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