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FSVP template

The FSVP template serves as a structured framework to help importers comply with the U.S. FDA's Foreign Supplier Verification Program requirements. Here are some common components found in an FSVP template:

Supplier Evaluation & Approval:

Importer's contact information

Foreign supplier's contact information

Identification of the imported food product(s)

Hazard Analysis:

Identification of known or reasonably foreseeable hazards associated with the food product

Evaluation of the food safety risks posed by the hazards

Consideration of the foreign supplier's food safety practices and processes

Supplier Verification Activities:

Verification of the foreign supplier's compliance with FDA regulations

Evaluation of the supplier's food safety history, including any past violations or recalls

On-site audits, if applicable, to assess the supplier's facilities, processes, and controls

Review of the supplier's food safety documentation, such as hazard analysis and preventive controls

Sampling and testing protocols, if necessary, to verify the safety of the imported food

Corrective Actions:

Procedures for addressing instances of non-compliance or identified hazards

Steps to communicate with the foreign supplier and implement necessary corrections

Timelines for taking corrective actions to mitigate risks


Documentation of all FSVP-related activities, including hazard analyses, supplier verifications, and corrective actions

Maintenance of records for a specified period as required by regulations

Review and update processes for ensuring accurate and up-to-date records

It's important to note that the specific content and structure of an FSVP template may vary depending on the importer's business operations, the nature of the imported food, and other relevant factors. Importers are encouraged to tailor the template to their specific needs, ensuring compliance with the FSVP requirements as outlined by the U.S. FDA.

To access comprehensive and customizable FSVP templates, you can consult industry organizations, regulatory agencies, or hire professional consultants who specialize in food safety and regulatory compliance. They can provide guidance and assist in creating an FSVP template that meets your specific requirements and aligns with the FDA's regulations.

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